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Advice and coaching


Counseling differs from therapy in that there is no need to be mentally ill. Individuals can seek advice in difficult life situations or if they wish to change their private or professional environment, couples in conflict situations, parents with educational issues.


My basic attitude is that you, as an independent person, determine in which direction you want to develop. I see it as my job to offer a protected framework in which you can pause to develop and try out new ideas. I will be happy to support you in clarifying your problem, give feedback on request, offer tools for developing new perspectives and help you to make optimal use of your resources and strengths.


Working well with others is often the key to professional success. At the same time, it represents a protective factor for the successful balance between professional and private requirements. I would be happy to support you in your further development as a manager or employee.

Affectionate Young Couple

Couples therapy

Do you want to find out where things are going wrong in your relationship? Do you want to rediscover the love that somehow got lost along the way? Then couples therapy might be right for you!


As a systemic couples therapist, I offer you a framework in which you can think and talk about your problems differently than before.

I support you, Finding solutions and trying new things.

Couple at Home
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